Yeltsin is a Bull Terrier who speaks with a Brooklyn accent. He first appeared working as Bino's bouncer, and has since appeared as a member of the Good Ol' Dog's Club. He was originally shown to be the same breed as his partner Boris, but was later changed to a Bull Terrier to add more diversity.

Yeltsin plays his first significant supporting role in the arc, "Love and War". After Sasha breaks up with him, Bino concocts a typically convoluted and mean-spirited scheme to force her to take him back. He recruits Fox and Yeltsin to set up a series of dates with other key members of the Good Ol' Dog's Club where Sasha would be repeatedly humiliated until she realizes that Bino is the only dog who will have her. At Fox's direction, Yeltsin puts together dinner dates for Sasha with himself, Rex, Griswold, Devo, Stem, and even Fox; his own date with Sasha is uniquely successful as a catastrophe. In response to Sasha's happy chatter, he insults and belittles her harshly ("...nice job making yourself repugnant" Fox tells Yeltsin afterwards.) Eventually, the plot fizzles and Fox, leader of the plotters, is left looking the fool.

Yeltsin appears among the dog guests at King and Bailey's wedding, sitting with Rex. Since this crowd scene walk-on in 2013, he has not been seen again in Housepets.

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