Tiger Arbelt
I hate Thursdays. I like pizza. I hate cockroaches. I like my teddy bear Poom. That’s characterization, right?
Tag T-insignia
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/Mutt
Owner(s) Jerry Arbelt
Friends & Family Marvin
Affiliation Max, Grape, (cats in general)
Good Ol' Dogs Club,
Zach, Bino, Jessica
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Tiger is a character in the Housepets! comic series. He, along with Marvin, was introduced in the strip Yup, He's Over It.

He is generally a side character, though has been given a spotlight on a few occasions.

Official Site BiographyEdit

A dog with an unfortunate name. When he was adopted as a pup, his owner was not aware that being named after a cat was a social h-bomb for dogs. (Other bad dog names are Leo, Felix, Sylvester, Cheshire, Figaro and Tabby) The other dogs will not let up on this, and it’s driven Tiger to become agressive and paranoid.

Additionally, he has an eating disorder, which stems from his constant emotional problems. In all, isn’t he a wonderful character to have in a comic? Sort of like a mix between Garfield and Heathcliff–oh.

General InformationEdit

Tiger is literally a burlesque characterization of the comic character Garfield. He behaves like him in different ways, such as hating Thursdays (and on the wrong day), eating food constantly and has even had a strip very similar to that of Garfield and his relationship with Nermal.

What separates Tiger as his own character is the fact that he has become mentally unstable due to constant teasing from the other dogs about his name being cat-like. He is quick to threaten someone (mainly Bino) that he will kill them, and became exceedingly paranoid when Zach moved into the family home. He also suffers from an eating disorder, and is known to eat an excessive amount of food when he is distressed. It was mentioned that he can consume up to 57,000 calories in a week and not gain any weight.


Marvin Arbelt

An orange cat who lives with Tiger. He may be the closest thing to that of a best friend for him, despite openly stating that Zach was his best friend (scaring Zach in the process). Marvin provides some commentary about Tiger, including his grotesque but amazing ability to consume large amounts of food, but not gaining weight.
Zach Arbelt

A rabbit who moved into the house on Christmas day. Tiger immediately believed he was being replaced by Zach and warned him about getting in his way-only to think of him as a best friend in the next strip.

Bino constantly antagonizes Tiger about his name being more suited for a cat. This has enraged him several times to the point of where he's tried to murder Bino where he stood. His grudge against Bino is strong enough that he risked his pride as a dog by joining the cats' side during The Great Water Balloon War.
Jerry Arbelt

Tiger's owner, whom Tiger annoys a lot. He gets frustrated when Tiger eats all of the pizza, and often shouts his name similarly to David Seville yelling Alvin's name from Alvin and the Chipmunks. He has tried to get him on a diet several times, all of which failed, as Tiger quadruples their food budget. In Tiger's Very Own Super Special Television Show!, Jerry, realizing the TV show would get Tiger out of the house, throws him head first out into the yard.
Cats - It's uncertain what Tiger's relationship is with the cats, but he has enlisted with them against the dogs during a water-gun/bomb war in the summer, claiming this was his revenge.


  • Tiger (along with Marvin and Pete) were originally created by Rick Griffin's brother during their childhood.
  • According to Dissension's comment on Decision Point, it is possible that Tiger lived in the pound before Jerry adopted him.

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