The Zoo
Grape just hanging at the Zoo.
Comic: "Gourmet Buffet" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 11
Dates Published October 13th - November 7th 2008
Featured Character(s)
Grape, Peanut

One-offs in Between

"Because He's Allergic You See"

Following Arc
The Grove

The Zoo is the 9th arc in Housepets!.



Mr. Sandwich takes Peanut and Grape to the River Ridge Zoo, free to roam due to a loophole in the Leash Ordinance. Peanut and Grape visit the Big Cats, Otters, Kangaroos, Wolves, and Foxes, all of which they are friends with. They also check on the Dolphins, who can communicate telepathically and plan world domination. Peanut also runs into trouble with a snake, but Grape helps him out. At the end of the day Mr. Sandwich tells them they need to go, however they still haven't seen all their friends. They head home anyway.



  • "Have Leash Will Travel" is a reference to the novel by Robert A. Heinlein, "Have Space Suit—Will Travel".
  • The intelligence of the dolphins as shown in "Related To Killer Whales" may be a reference to the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" book series.
  • The title of "Thus Grape Zarathustra" is a reference to the iconic track from "2001: A Space Odyssey".
  • Though intended to be a one time only character, Karishad would go on to appear in numerous arcs and make his place as a recurring character.
  • On October 31st there was a break from the arc featuring "Because He's Allergic See" to celebrate Halloween.

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  9. (Halloween Special)

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