The Wolves Pack
Wolves Pack
The Wolves Pack on Christmas in 2011, along with King but without Rodney's cubs.
Tag Golden coin (Not always used)
Gender Males and Females
Species/Breed Wolves / Various kinds
Owner(s) The Miltons (technically)
Friends & Family King Milton, The Milton Ferrets
Affiliation The Milton Ferrets(Security Service)

The Equal Chance Program (Founder members)

Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens
The Wolves Pack (Also called Milton Wolves, Wolf Pack or simply Wolves), are a group of wolves who are regular characters in Housepets!. Though mainly supporting characters, they have been given their own arcs from time to time since debuting in The Visitor, such as A Holiday at the Zoo and Jack Of One Trade.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Keene had the bright idea to sponsor wild animals to join the Babylon Gardens community as “people”, for a given loophole in the definition of people.

General InformationEdit

The Wolves Pack Champions

The male members of the Wolves Pack working security. (Left to Right: Rodney, Poncho, Miles, Daryl, "Four Finger Discount" Jack, Uncle Deadeye and Other Daryl)

A bunch of wolves who became tired of feral life, as first noted by Lucretia, and decided to live among society. This caused Miles; the alpha wolf of the pack, to try to integrate with the humans though with not much success. Then he met Keene (who was drinking a bit too much Orange Soda). Learning about Miles' Pack intentions and sharing his 'Dad' purpose of instated an equal treatment between animals and humans, Keene made an offer to Miles: if every one in the pack passes the GOE (General Obedience Exam) and taking advantage of some Pet Ownership Loopholes they will be documented as pets but having their own home within a human neighborhood, Babylon Gardens. Miles took the offer and so The Equal Chance Program begun, with the wolves pack as the first members. Because of this they are legally part of Milton Family.

The pack moved to Babylon Gardens shortly after, there Miles presented them to the neighbors while Lucretia prepared a home-warming party. When Miles meet the Sandwich Family, he accepted Peanut's help with the party since he knew more about the humans. The party was a success and the wolves had been offering more in times like Christmas.

The wolves were (mostly) accepted by community easily after this. The adult males started working for the Milton Ferrets as Security Service, the females take care of the home, Miles' cubs spending time with the pets and Jack having a Second-Hand shop (with stuff he steals). Later Rodney and Snow expanded the pack with two cubs of their own.

The wolves like to share many family moments, at home or hanging out. Later King joined the program after his owner disappeared. The Wolves took him in as a member of the family, Miles and Lucretia acting like parents to him. The pack members interact with King or Keene in many strips.

It must be noted that as Wolf Tradition the cubs are not named, they must name themselves once they find name they feel important and/or meaningful to them. But as the cubs tend to choose 'cool names', so the official naming must wait for them to be more mature.



Miles the Alpha

Alpha wolf of the pack. Miles is an intellectual and calm wolf who enjoy to read books and wear glasses some times, he's friendly to everyone, he takes care and worries for everyone in the pack and King treating him as a son. He works as Security Service for the Miltons. Miles was introduced in Stranger Danger.

Lucretia, Miles' mate

Miles' mate and housewife. Lucretia is the one responsible of the house and a maternal figure for both, her cubs and King, was worried about the way they were raising their cubs once but apparently had get used to urban life and enjoy TV shows. Lucretia was introduced in An Eloquent Speaker in a flashback.
The Cubs

Darth Vader Sanchez, North Star, and Rockstar Hawk all grown up

Miles and Lucretia's Cubs. Playful cubs who like to play with Peanut, King and the other neighbor pets. They also enjoy hearing stories from their relatives. Originally they didn't have real names but they had chosen the names "Darth Vader Sanchez" (or Deevee), "Deathaxe" and "Space-Laser" for the time being. Later, Space-Laser changed his name to "Rockstar Hawk." In Wolf's Clothing however, they passed the rites of adulthood, and gained their true names, whereupon Deathaxe changed his name to "North Star". As such they have been redesigned to look older, and have gained markings and muscle mass in typical wolf fashion. "Darth Vader Sanchez" has blue eyes, Rockstar Hawk has brown eyes, and North Star has yellow eyes. The cubs were introduced in Puppy Power.
Lucretia's Mother

Lucretia's Mother, mother of Lucretia

An elderly member of the pack, she is Lucretia and Elaine's mother. Much of her personality remains unknown as she has only appeared a few times with only a single speaking role. Lucretia's mother was introduced in From The Outside In.

Miles' Brother, Daryl

One of Miles' brothers, who like to wear headwear most of times. He prefers Kwanzaa to Christmas, has a shaving kit (for a secret reason) and proclaimed himself a total coward. He was a member of the Keene's party to explore Pete's Temple. Works as Security Service for the Miltons. Daryl was introduced in Planted The Family Tree.
"Other Brother" Daryl

Daryl, the Other One

The other brother of Miles, who is also named Daryl, officially known as 'the other Daryl', due to an incident during his and Daryl's Rite of Adulthood. He works as Security Service for the Miltons and went with Rock and King's group to Australia. Other Daryl loves to eat and is overweight, having driven up Rock's budget on food during the excursion to Australia, as well as easily winning an eating contest. Other Daryl was introduced in From The Outside In.
"Four Finger Discount" Jack

Four Finger Discount, Jack

A one-armed wolf and Elaine's mate. He owns a Second-Hand shop in the garage and yard of the pack's house. He is a kleptomaniac, and so most of the stuff in the store was stolen to be put on sale, that along with losing his arm earned him the nickname "Four Finger Discount". He claims to have lost his arm in an epic battle, but Elaine says he lost it to the garbage disposal unit. It was also revealed he had eloped to marry Elaine. He works as Security Service for the Miltons too. Jack was introduced in From The Inside Out.

Elaine, Jack's Mate

Lucretia's sister and Jack's mate, Little is known about her, but she likes to wear jewelry and isn't fond of Jack's thieving ways. She is known to be a good midwife, having assisted her mother with Snow's childbirth as well as Bailey with her puppies. It was revealed that she eloped to marry Jack and didn't return home for two years. Elaine was introduced in From The Inside Out.

Poncho, Jack's Brother

Jack's younger brother who always wear a Poncho. He works with his brother in his Second-Hand store and is also seen helping in the house. He has a big scar on his chest almost always covered by his poncho. Poncho was introduced in From The Inside Out.

Natalie, annoyed as always

A female member of the pack. She is Miles' niece. She has an incredibly sarcastic and apathetic personalty, mostly keeping to herself and not caring for others' problems. She is also shown angrily looking at Cousin Rodney and Snow cuddling and is bothered at King and Bailey wedding, so it's possible she doesn't like romance, although later she develops a crush on Satau the canine in Housepets 5000 BC, Part 1 (and prior she had a secret crush on Fido). Natalie was introduced in From The Inside Out.
Uncle Deadeye

Uncle Deadeye, don't know who's uncle though.

An elderly wolf, he's silent and commonly inexpressive; still looks like the other wolves can understand him without problem though. Every one calls him Uncle, even Miles, so it not clear what his relation with the pack is. Uncle Deadeye works as Security Service for the Miltons (but does not use the standard vest). He was the one who defeated Jata in his rampage, showing a proud smile. It's speculated to be related to Cousin Rodney and Natalie. Uncle Deadeye was introduced in From The Inside Out.
Cousin Rodney

Rodney, Miles' Cousin

A member of the pack who is Miles' cousin and the mate of Snow. He helped King decide to propose to Bailey, and works as Security Service for the Miltons. It's speculated he can be a relative of Uncle Deadeye and/or Natalie. Cousin Rodney was introduced in From The Outside In.

Snow and her Cubs

Cousin Rodney's mate, she's a white wolf. Little is known about her. She and Cousin Rodney weren't planing to have cubs but embraced the notice with happiness when it happened. The two are a truly happy couple. Snow was introduced in From The Outside In.

Rodney's Cubs
Three new born cubs of Cousin Rodney and Snow, they do not talk yet and are always carried by others. Miles' cubs like to include them in their activities. All three of them were showed for the first time in Here Come Da Bride.


  • Daryl and the other Daryl got their name for a old television Joke. Curiously Daryl was introduced as Miles' other brother while the other Daryl was introduced some time later, but now the chubbier one is refereed to as "The Other Daryl"
    • According to Daryl, the reason he and "the other" Daryl have the same name is because something happened during their Rites of Adulthood.
  • It's speculated that Cousin Rodney and Natalie are Uncle Deadeye's son and daughter. And Uncle Deadeye being Miles' uncle. Which makes sense to explain all the relationships, but has to be confirmed.
    • This is partially confirmed in Wolf's Clothing when one of Rodney's cubs calls Uncle Deadeye: "Grampa Deadeye".
  • "Rockstar Hawk" previously used the name "Space-Laser".
  • "North Star" previously used the name "Deathaxe".
    • This makes "Darth Vader Sanchez" the only cub who hasn't gone through a name change.
      • But it has been shown that he's nicknamed "Deevee" (from D.V. Sanchez), which Rick has stated is what he will be called in the comic.
  • It was revealed in All's Fair, Part 2 that the parents of Miles, Daryl and Other Daryl are deceased.
  • The only two arcs that feature every member of the Wolves Pack are A Holiday at the Zoo and The King And I.

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