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Based on Classic RPG Adventures.

The Temple Crashers are a special team put together by Keene Milton to explore Pete's mysterious temple. The team first appeared in Temple Crashers and it hasn't appeared since.

General InformationEdit


The Temple Crashers crashing a temple.

Keene decided it was time to discover the secrets of the ancient temple left to him by his deceased father, so he put together a team of specially selected animals to take on the task. The team entered the temple, each having chosen a role (and a corresponding hat) so the temple would open up, and had some epic battles against gargoyles and "Grue"s(Okay maybe not so epic). Eventually they found a secret chamber filled with treasure. In the room they also found Pete himself. Keene questioned Pete's motives, and what connection he had with his father. Pete tricked Keene into joining him in his plans for evil, and after that the team where sent back to their homes through the "Wake Up" method.


See also Keene Milton

Keene, the Thief

The founder and leader of the team. His goal was to discover the secrets of the Temple. He was given the role of the "Thief" on the team.

Sabrina '

Sabrina, the Mage

Sabrina was summoned to help Keene by orders of her master Tarot, as if Tarot participated it would be to easy. She took the role of the "Mage".

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Karishad, the Warrior

Karishad was chosen as he scouted out the Temple multiple times, and was the most familiar with it's layout. He took the role of the "Warrior" after Daryl didn't want it.

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Zach, the Cleric

Zach was chosen due to Keene being aware of his role as "The Opener of Ways". Prior to joining the team Zach was having vision-dreams of Pete monologueing. He was given the role of the "Cleric".

See also The Wolves Pack

Daryl, the Archer

Daryl was chosen due to his strength, as he was originally meant to be the "Warrior". However, he revealed that he was quite the coward, and was given the role of the "Archer" instead.


  • "Temple Crashers" is possibly a refernce to the video game Castle Crashers.

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