The Spot-tacular Spot
The Weekly Of Spot
This case, like all problems from 1939, can be solved with punching.
Comic: "The Weekly Of Spot" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 8
Dates Published January 8th - January 25th 2016
Featured Character(s)
Spot (Superdog)

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The Spot-tacular Spot is the 97th arc in Housepets!.



Peanut arrives at Joey's doghouse for an art lesson. Joey inquires if Peanut did the homework, but Peanut replies he drew Spot comics instead. Joey tells Peanut the point is to learn the fundamentals, but Peanut replies that, "basics are boring, comics are awesome." Joey informs Peanut he's lucky money can buy patience.

Spot, (drawn in a style similar to Superman comics from the 1930's), a hero that came from the planet Orphan (which blew up) works at the same newspaper, The Triweekly Globe, as his girlfriend Stripe to impress her. He lets himself be attacked by bank robbers to create a story. However, his boss gives him a new lead: a woman's husband was hired by a suspicious employment agency and then vanished. Spot learns the employment agency only hires once a year (at that very moment.) However, when he applies, he is immediately rejected by the agency, so he dons his Superdog costume, intending the solve the problem with punching.


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  • This arc continues the running gag of Peanut paying Joey (or doing him favors) in exchange for artwork.
  • The art style for the comic vastly differs from previous issues. Rick has stated that the art and story is a parody of Superman comics from 1939.
  • The strip The Weekly Of Spot was previously shown on Rick's Facebook.
  • The arc's name is possibly a reference to The Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • At 8 comics, this is the longest Spot (Superdog) arc to date.

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