The Preeminent Adventures of Spot
The Dark Age Of Spot
Superhero angst can't be solved by punching.
Comic: "The Dark Age Of Spot" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 5
Dates Published February 28th - March 9th 2011
Featured Character(s)
Spot (Superdog), Stripe, The Cyborg, Peanut, Grape
Previous Arc
We're Snowed In!

The Preeminent Adventures of Spot is the 40th arc in Housepets!.



The comic begins with Spot standing atop a mountain. It is explained that a great evil is approaching, enough to make Spot brood dramatically. Stripe asks him why he is crying when nothing has happened, Spot explains that he was looking into the future with his "super-vision." Spot warns Stripe of the approaching evil. She tells him to do what he always does, but Spot replies he can't solve this problem by punching. Stripe slaps the sense back into Spot and tells him to get ahold of himself.

Stripe goes through Spot's various powers, all of them a form of punching, Spot explains, while questioning how he is going to defeat the evil. Meanwhile the Cyborg tricks orphans into eating fattening snack foods. The orphans become fat, resulting in a a fat plague that causes Spot to brood even more. Stripe tells Spot to use his super intellect, which he fails to notice an excutive looking to make a life-changing PSA. Spot bursts into bitter tears.

Reading the comic, Grape asks if Peanut is okay, as Spot has done nothing but cry the whole time. Peanut replies that she told him Spot needed challenges and he is reacting. Grape exasperatedly explains she meant he needed challenges he works at, and not give up immediately. Peanut translates this to a page where Stripe tells Spot exactly what Grape said. Grape pressures Peanut to have something happen in the comic. Stripe pushes Spot in front of the camera to make the PSA, where he merely states to stop eating or be punched.

Stripe tells Spot to just tell them to say no to the fattening snacks, which he does. The Cyborg, disguised as a scientist, counter argues that the snacks aren't bad for you. Spot ends up punching The Cyborg in the face.

When Grape reads the page, she starts to ask what the point of it all was. Peanut, with his head buried on the desk, defeatedly replies he doesn't know.


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