The Ineptitude of Spot
Battle Of Epic Proportions
Joey and Peanut fighting over "artistic differences."
Comic: "Battle Of Epic Proportions" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 3
Dates Published July 21st - July 25th 2014
Featured Character(s)
Spot (Superdog)

The Ineptitude of Spot is the 80th arc in Housepets!.

This arc, along with The Interlude of Spot, were created to provide a break in-between the three parts of the Heaven's Not Enough story arc.



Continuing off from The Interlude of Spot, The Warmongel and his operations specialist Ted, have located Spot crossing the Kansas border into Colorado. Thanks to Stripe posting on her blog, the Warmongel learns of Spot's flight loss, and vows to take him down. Ted questions about the Justice House, and why he's the only operations specialist. The Mongrel explains that Spot does half the house's operations (except for the Viridian Lamp but he's not as popular.) The Mongrel plans to defeat Spot with his Orbital Space Laser.

The laser starts burning parts of Colorado (which Spot is okay with). Bat-Bat communicates with him (although he can hear with his super-hearing,) that multiple fires have broken out over the world, and he needs Spot to preserve the world's most important landmarks. Spot, who hasn't revealed his "disadvantage," continually makes excuses about needing to help Colorado. Suspicious that Spot may be under mind-control, Bat-Bat enlists Regular Hawk (who is still drawn by Joey) to investigate, although Spot can still hear them with his super-hearing.

Regular Hawk flies to Colorado, and demands Spot fly up and explain himself. When Spot tells him to come down instead, Regular Hawk communicates to Bat-Bat that Spot is being a "total butt." Spot super-jumps up and slaps Regular Hawk, causing him to angrily dive down after him.

Cut to Joey and Peanut fighting over the sketchbook. Joey argues that he promised free drawings if he got his own character. Peanut argues back that didn't mean he could beat up Spot, and yells at him to stop signing his name on every panel. Joey ends up slap-fighting Peanut, leaving the issue unfinished.


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