The Future of Tomorrow, Today!
The Other Psychic Hotline
Even psychics have trouble with tech support.
Comic: "The Other Psychic Hotline" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 3
Dates Published April 15th - April 20th 2015
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All's Fair, Part 1

The Future of Tomorrow, Today! is the 89th arc in Housepets!.



Psychic tech support calls Tarot (as she's about to call them,) and Tarot tells them that her crystal ball is on the fritz. When she gives them the serial number, they inform her they don't support that product anymore, despite the fact it's a plain glass ball. Tarot tells Sabrina that they want her to "upgrade to digital." Sabrina remarks that one tends to fall out of the tech loop when one's power is supplied by a "space dragon beyond space".

When Peanut comes by to visit, he asks where Tarot's crystal ball is. Tarot excitedly explains that since everything is digital now, she now has the CrystalTab9000™, which is a green, rectangular, crystalline slab. She goes on to explain that can deliver up to 1000 megareadings, and if it can't see something, it can wirelessly pull results from the web, though she mentions she keeps misplacing the adapter.

Peanut suggests using the Tab to find the adapter. Tarot asks the spirits to help her find it, but nothing happens, as she caught it in the middle of an update. 


  • Tarot is revealed to still have her powers, and upgrades to digital magic.


  • As of this arc Tarot no longer wears her green collar with the Horus' eye tag (due to no longer being Spirit Dragon's avatar.) Instead, she has been given a new red collar, that features a tarot card for the tag.

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