The Adventures of Stripe
It Comes With The Power
Stripe is transformed into Lady Cat Dog!
Comic: "It Comes With The Power" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 5
Dates Published September 6th - September 15th 2010
Featured Character(s)
Stripe, Jim-Jim, Spot (Superdog)
Previous Arc
Theme Park World
Following Arc
Movie Night

The Adventures of Stripe is the 34th arc in Housepets!.



On the last issue of The Adventures of Spot (Superdog), one of the nefarious villains had taken control of Spot and the Dino Warriors using the Super-Gem. In a different (not destroyed) part of town, Stripe declares it's her time to be the hero. Jim-Jim asks why she should when there's a million other heroes, and Stripe tells Jim-Jim nobody likes him (Peanut even labeling Jim-Jim a "dork.")

Stripe and Jim-Jim both ingest radioactive waste, Jim-Jim mutating into a larger version of himself while Stripe is transformed into Lady Cat Dog (and ditching the ridiculous outfit.) The two go to the library to figure out how to free Spot from being hypnotized (and Jim-Jim questions why they needed superpowers for that.)

Jim-Jim finds the answer, only magic can cure hypnotism. Stripe and Jim-Jim break into a wizard's convention to beat the secret out of someone. They are directed to the hypnotist's panel, who hypnotizes Stripe into learning the secrets on how to breaking hypnosis. Stripe rushes to where Spot is robbing (the same) bank, and cures him by snapping her fingers.

Spot, Stripe, and Jim-Jim and defeats the Dino-Warriors and Stripe takes the gem back. The villain cries over being defeated again for the first time and is taken to jail. Stripe contemplates that the fight was actually more boring than getting there, and that gimmicks wear out their welcome fast. She goes on to wonder if an action story is about the character or just some fancy magic show.

Grape is seen reading Peanut's comic, confused over the fact that his epilogue went on to be twice as long as the story. Peanut meekly replies that he panicked when he realized how much paper he had left.


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  • Peanut crossing out "again" and replacing it with "for the first time" when the criminal remarks about being defeated is a throwback to The Uncanny Adventures of Spot, as he never finished it.

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