Tag Charm resembling the British Flag
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/English Setter - English Spaniel (Unconfirmed)
Owner(s) Unknown
Friends & Family K-9 Unit members
Affiliation K-9 Unit, Forensics
Location Babylon Gardens, Dimension Prime

Terrance is a minor character in Housepets!. He is a member of the local dog police of Babylon Gardens and the K-9 Unit. He first appeared in Never Going To Understand Humans, but did not got a more important role until Not Another New Character in The Case of the Aztec Gold.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Terrance has a light beige curly fur, with dark brown marks and dots on his face, feet and face, and orange eyes. He has additional patches of fur on his forearms and legs and long floppy ears. All those characteristics leads to him being believed to be an English Setter or English Spaniel dog, though this has not yet been confirmed. As an attire, he wears the typical K-9 Unit uniform, and a white and grey collar with a charm attached to it resembling the Union Jack's (the British flag) red parts.

General Information Edit

Terrance was first introduced in A Sinister Shadow as backup but remained unnamed at the time. He gained a more prominent role in The Case of the Aztec Gold where he acted as a liaison agent between the local cops and the forensics teams. He was shown here to be taking his job very seriously, almost anxiously when a forensic refused to enhance an area on one of his photos (because they already had the truck in evidence), though not much of his personality was shown. He indirectly helped solve the mystery by uncovering the other half of the mysterious symbol, allowing Ralph, Kevin and Fido to teleport the stolen treasures into the forensics lab (and got almost crushed by a boat when it was teleported). Like the other members of the K-9 Unit, he attended King's wedding.

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