Temple Crashers 2: 2 Temple 2 Crashers
The Calvary Arrives
Weretigers usurp ninjas anyday.
Comic: "The Calvary Arrives" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 12
Dates Published July 12th - August 7th 2017
Featured Character(s)
Peanut, Grape, Maxwell, Res, Rufus

One-offs in Between

Temple Crashers 2: 2 Temple 2 Crashers is the 108th arc in Housepets!.

It is the third part of the Temple Crashers 2 storyline.



Continuing from Temple Crashers 2: Temple Crashers, Part 2, Res slides down a secret trap-door that he had fallen into before landing on his feet. Grape calls down to him that they'll rescue him, unaware that Res has fallen into a room with a monster. Res believes it's an animatronic until Peanut points out that it's real.

Peanut instructs Res to put on the paper bag; as hats grants power to those who wear them, as explained by Tarot (which Peanut had drew into a Spot (Superdog) comic which drops off after Peanut had stopped listening.) Hearing this and becoming excited, Max and Grape enter the temple wearing their paper bags and immediately fall through the same trap-door. The two are transformed into ninjas by the temple's power, only to find Res has been turned into a were-tiger by his hat and had beaten the monster first. As the trio marvel over their newfound powers, Grape warns that the temple is dangerous and that they need to wait for Peanut to bring Tarot. However Peanut has made his way to their location already, saying he told Rufus to get Tarot, whereupon Rufus shows up as well.

Res convinces the party to move forward, excitedly claiming that this is exactly why he went on vacation in the first place. The others reluctantly follow (with Grape needing to see if Res has a hunkier form.) After paying for a torch rental, the group heads through the temple. Max asks why Peanut hasn't chosen a hat yet, which he replies that he only has one paper bag left and wishes to save it. Grape suggests a "Paper bag conjurer" but Peanut doesn't want to face the consequences of "wishing for more wishes."

Finding a map, the gang realizes they're ahead of Joey's party. Peanut wonders if they figured everything out and are alright. While Max believes they turned tail and fled, it turns out Joey's party had already defeated two huge gryphon-like monsters and were rewarded with "dirty luchre" (which they can't carry since they don't have pockets.)

To be continued!


  • Max and Grape are turned into ninjas by the temple while Res is turned into a were-tiger.


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