But the paws!
Tag None
Gender Female
Species/Breed Mouse
Owner(s) None
Friends & Family Joey (boyfriend), Lester, Spo, Peanut Butter Sandwich
Affiliation Mr. Bigglesworth
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Squeak is a minor character in Housepets! She is is a mouse and is Joey's live-in girlfriend.

Though she was first was mentioned in Anise is Like Catnip But for Dogs she wasn't actually seen until her first appearance in Housepets Christmas!

Official Site BiographyEdit

Joey’s . . . partner. Also don’t ask.

General InformationEdit

Squeak is often seen with Joey, whether they're in his doghouse or together at the movies, and are both fans of anime. Squeak seems to have a strange fixation on giants and paws, as she wanted to run on the floor during Miles' party, and she purposely got herself trapped under one of Mr. Biggleworth's feet, only to admire the strength of her toes and ask her to press harder.



Joey is Squeak's boyfriend, they live together in Joey's doghouse and are often seen together. He keeps their relationship a secret because a dog/mouse relationship is even more taboo than a dog/cat one. He met her while roleplaying in a catsuit. Don't ask...


Spo initially tried to hit on Squeak, but she retorted that she already had a boyfriend. While he was confused as to why she was dating a dog, she managed to both impress and appall him by demonstrating her interests, getting herself stomped on by Mr. Bigglesworth.


  • Squeak's profile picture is a concept sheet done by Rick Griffin and colored in by Housepets! Forumite; renato.

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