Spot (Superdog)
Yeah like YOU ever saved the world before
Tag Red Diamond (Like Superman)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/Orphanian?
Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Stripe, Bat-Bat
Affiliation Justice House
The Cyborg, Criminals,
Regular Hawk
Location Earth (The Adventures of Spot)

Spot (Superdog) is the star of the superhero comics that Peanut draws. He is the canine equivalent to Superman, though is highly exaggerated.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Peanut’s alter ego in superhero form. He has all the superpowers necessary to make people love him. His secret identity is Spot (professor) a.k.a. Professor Spot, who is much like Spot (superdog) but with glasses. Professor Spot also is knowledgeable about many kinds of subject matter, from graphs to holidays to comics. Spot’s girlfriend is Stripe, who is a cat.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Spot is a tall and muscular white dog of unknown breed (though as he is meant to be Peanut in superhero form he might be a Canadian Pointer). All his fur is white minus his ears and tail and he has blue eyes like Peanut. Every inch of him is covered in muscle, and he has a red cape connected to his red collar which also has a red diamond tag.

As Professor Spot he wears a different collar, removes his cape, and dones glasses.

General InformationEdit

Spot (Superdog) debuted in Peanut's first comic, where he saved a bank from a Dalmatian. He would then go on to appear in many comics, most of which where Peanut's self projections of current matters, or him trying to expand his reach through many different fails.


Stripe is Spot's girlfriend who is definitely not a cat. They get along fine, though Stripe is very snarky, and commonly complains about Spot's over righteous attitude.

Spot has fought many different no-good-doers through out the comic, and is generally negative towards them.

Spot's partner in the Justice House. Bat-Bat is most recurring member, and interacts the most with Spot.

Regular Hawk
Another superhero who's only power is flight. Spot commonly mocks him, but Regular Hawk retaliates.


  • Spot's profile picture is a concept sheet done by Rick Griffin and colored in by Housepets! Forumite; renato.

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