Snow Joke
Snowed In Part Two
We're snowed in again!
"Snowed In Part Two" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 6
Dates Published December 28th 2016 - January 9th 2017
Featured Character(s)
Bruce, Roosevelt, Delusional Steve

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Save the Date

Snow Joke is the 103rd arc in Housepets!.



Roosevelt notices a snow storm has blocked the door to their habitat and the two are snowed in. Bruce asks what's wrong, since they have blanket, foods and one another, but Roosevelt mentions the movies they marathoned: The Thing, The Shining, Storm of the Century, Thirty Days of Night and Misery.

From the snow, a menacing voice proclaiming to be "The Viper" claims he's coming to get them. Bruce, wielding a cricket bat, tells him to go away as the voice approaches. Roosevelt tries to call security, but the phone's dead.

At that moment Delusional Steve bursts through the snow mound as the kangaroos scream in terror. The cat tells them he's there to shovel their "valk" way, which Bruce says that he doesn't have an accent. Delusional Steve explains he was hired by the zoo to catch mice, and that he calls himself "The Viper" so the mice don't know his identity. Bruce tells him that makes no sense, and that they haven't seen any mice, but Steve chalks it up to the mice's intelligence network.

Joking over their misadventure, Bruce and Roosevelt tuck themselves into bed before kissing each other goodnight. As they try to go to sleep, they are awoken by Steve's mad ramblings. 


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  • This is the first arc to star Bruce and Roosevelt.
    • This is also the first time the two have kissed each other in-comic.
  • There previously was a snow-in in We're Snowed In!
  • All of the films Roosevelt mentions in Snowed In Part Two contain isolating snow storms.
  • This is one of two arcs that follows into the next year, the other being The Yarn Ball.
  • This is Delusional Steve's first appearance since Better In My Head.

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