As it turns out time isn't cyclical.
Tag none
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/unknown
Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Ptah
Affiliation Dog Garrison
Location Dimension Prime, Egypt

Satau is a character in Housepets!. He is an ancient black canid who first appeared in Another Weird Visitor. He was the Spirit Dragon's 2nd avatar from about 5000 BC. He became stuck in the present day when he was sent to catch a glimpse of the future, but something went wrong.


Satau is a well-spoken and polite bold dog. He can be confused by modern language and technology, but is very understanding. Despite cats and dogs being at ends in his time, he is very open to befriending cats.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Satau appears to be a black canine figure with golden braces around his arms, and a golden necklace. When in battle, he can summon green light like battle armor which covers his shoulders, waist, lower legs, and his biceps. It also gives him a gold and green mask.

General InformationEdit

Under Construction


King Ptah

Ptah has been Satau's rival for an unspecified long time. Sometime ago, they fought each other to become Dragon's avatar. There has been tension between them ever since, though seemingly only on Ptah's side. Ryan's crown - which he claims to have designed and takes inordinate pride - mirrors the actual "Red Crown" [Deshret] worn by the kings of Lower Egypt [the Nile delta region] until Menes conquered the area around 3100 BC +/-. He and Satau get into a cosmic level battle over Grape that ends when Spirit Dragon intervenes, "grounds" them both, and returns Grape, Peanut, and the other time travelers back to their own era. At the end of the story, Satau and Ptah are sitting together in the desert, watching sunset, grumbling about their punishment. Sulking and hurt, Ptah claims the hound "acts like cats have no souls". Satau responds by putting his arm over the cat's shoulder affectionately and reassures all will be well.


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