Rufus Sandwich
I'd tell you what to do with the Chicken afterward, but you're too young and sensible.
Tag N/a, Red Bandanna wore over collar
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/Australian Shepard (deceased)
Owner(s) Uncle Reuben
Friends & Family Peanut, Grape,
Barn Animals
Affiliation N/a
Location Dimension Prime, Heaven

Rufus Sandwich is Peanut and Grape's much older farm pet-cousin. He first appeared in Pushing Up Daisies during Down At The Farm. He is dead, and currently one of the Denizens of Heaven

Official Site BiographyEdit

Peanut and Grape’s much older pet-cousin who lives on a farm.  He’s a little weird, and he might be into cats.

General InformationEdit

Rufus is a dog who lives on the farm owned by Uncle Reuben, Peanut and Grape's "uncle", thus making him their "pet-cousin". He actually belonged to the original owner of the farm, and was bought by Reuben when he bought the estate. Rufus was first shown taking a horse ride with Grape explaining the Farm's history to her, and where his old owner currently is. He was later asked by Peanut for girl advice when he wanted to confess his feelings to Grape. However Rufus thought that it was the neighbors' collie that Peanut was interested in, and simply gave him a chicken and told him to "look'er straight in the eye and tell her that you're madly in love, that you can't live without her", and give her the chicken as a sign of his love.

It was revealed in Temple Crashers 2: Temple Crashers, Part 2 that sometime afterwards he had died and went to Heaven. He was among the denizens sent to Babylon Gardens in the Temple Crashers 2 arc, and is currently following Peanut and Grape's party. Due to the earlier gag, Grape had a difficult time understanding that Rufus was actually dead, thinking he was again abusing euphemisms for death.

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