Rockstar Hawk
Tag Golden Coin (not always worn)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Wolf/Gray Wolf
Owner(s) The Milton Ferrets (technically due to loophole)
Friends & Family His Family, King, Peanut
Affiliation Equal Chance Project
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Rockstar Hawk, previously Space Laser, is a character in Housepets!. He is one of three of Miles' and Lucretia's sons. After being enrolled in the Equal Chance Program and moving into Babylon Gardens, he and his brothers became friends with Peanut. Though a cub when introduced, as of Wolf's Clothing he passed the wolf's maturity ceremony and is a full grown wolf.

Official Site BiographyEdit



Originally having a completely gray coat like his brothers, his only distinguishable features were his brown eyes. After maturing he has a coat similar to his brothers, but oddly features a slightly darker gray mask.


As with his brothers, he initially was very much the same. However, he was shown to have a more devious mind, as shown when he seemed to take charge of his brothers, and led to the dogs during The Great Water Balloon War. Not much has been seen of him since maturing(to a degree), so his current personality development are unknown.

General InformationEdit

Under Construction


Under Construction


  • Rockstar was the first of his brothers to speak. This is important to note because upon their first appearance they did not were not tagged as different separate characters.

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