Res Auburn
How do you do that?
Tag Yellow Maple Leaf
Gender Male
Species/Breed Cat/Tabby
Owner(s) Ms. Auburn
Friends & Family Grape, Peanut, Max
Affiliation Pridelands
Location Dimension Prime, Canada

Res Auburn is a character in the Housepets! He is the secret author of the Pridelands bookseries, and was introduced in the chapter A Writer Inside A Coffee Shop Inside A Bookstore during Hope of the Pridelands.

General InformationEdit

Res is a timid cat who was rescued from the pound by his current owner. While he finds it difficult to make friends, he has shown to have stupendous writing skills, as he is in fact the author of the fictional in-world series, The Pridelands. He is introduced at first seemingly to be another fan of the series until Grape discovers the truth. He reappeared in Housepets Babies! where he visited the Sandwich household, and Peanut told him about Grape's past.

By Temple Crashers 2: Temple Crashers, he has started work on the seventh and seemingly final Pridelands book, but goes on a vacation due to writer's block.


Res and Grape became fast friends when she approached him, believing him to be writing saucy fan-fiction of the Pride lands books. Since then he has visited the Sandwich residence.

Grape's dog brother. Res and Peanut became instant friends when Peanut told him the story of how she saved Maxwell and Fox from being fed to an alligator owned by a creepy man.

Ms. Auburn
Despite being Res' owner, they aren't shown interacting, but it is obvious that they are family.


  • Res' name may be a reference to "In Media Res", which is a form of story telling, possibly referencing the fact that he is an author.
  • Res and Ms. Auburn come from Canada, as shown by Res' Maple leaf collar tag.

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