I have given you a feast, precious jewelry, a downy bed, my glorious presence...
Tag none
Gender Male
Species/Breed Cat/unknown
Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Satau
Affiliation Cat Compound
Location Dimension Prime, Egypt

"King" Ptah is the "king" of an ancient village of cats near Merimde. He is first mentioned in Housepets 5000 BC, Part 2, but makes his first appearance in Part 3.


Ptah is a very smug ruler with a strong disdain for Chief Satau's dog tribe. He has an attraction to Grape, and wishes to make her his queen.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ptah has a gray striped coat. He wears the artifact given to him by Spirit Dragon, which resembles the ancient Deshret, which is the source of his power.

General InformationEdit

5000 years ago, he and Satau fought for the role of Dragon's avatar. Upon losing, Ptah was given an artifact with equal power to that of an avatar's, which he wore upon his head.

In Housepets 5000 BC, Part 3 he is shown as the leader of a settlement of early cats, rivaling the Merimde dog tribe. He abducts Grape to be his queen.



Satau has been Ptah's rival for an unspecified long time. Sometime ago, they fought each other to become Dragon's avatar. There has been tension between their tribes. However the two seem to have a friendly rivarly between them.


Grape arrived in the past from 5000 years in the future when helping Satau return to his time. However, she was noticed by Ptah's scouts, and was abducted to become his queen. Ptah attempted to woo her, but Grape continued to rebuff him, stating he wasn't her "type." Ptah would eventually try to turn himself into a massive muscular cat in order to impress her, but Grape rejects him once again, telling him she'd rather take someone sweet and considerate over an arrogant jerk.

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