Pit Milton
Hey Hey Hey! You're listening to KPit!
Tag Red-bar (White collar)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Ferret/White
Owner(s) Henry Milton (formerly)
Friends & Family Keene
Lana, Duke, Rock and Simon
Affiliation The Milton Ferrets, Jeeves, Mr. Steward
Location Dimension Prime, Milton Estate

Pit is a tritagonist in Housepets!. He was showed for the first time in the comic Meanwhile Back In Babylon but was properly introduced later, in First Things First.

Official Site BiographyEdit

A total spendthrift, Pit wants absolutely anything that strikes his fancy. Most ridiculous purchase so far: an abandoned missile silo, which he cleared out then filled with vanilla pudding. He claims that it was part of a charity event.

General informationEdit

Under Construction


The Milton Ferrets
Being pet-siblings they spend quite a lot of time side-by-side, and they seem to care for each other. They work together at times and in general are all good friends. It is not known if they are blood-related.

Jeeves and Mr. Steward
Milton's employees, butler and steward respectively. Their relationship looks not to be more than that.


  • As with the rest of the ferrets, Pit is named after a cartoon show; Captain N, character. This case being Pit, who was incorrectly called Kid Icarus in show.

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