North Star
Dad! Dad!
Tag Golden Coin (not always worn)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Wolf/Gray Wolf
Owner(s) The Milton Ferrets (technically due to loophole)
Friends & Family His Family, King, Peanut
Affiliation Equal Chance Project
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

North Star, previously Deathaxe, is a character in Housepets!. He is one of three of Miles' and Lucretia's sons. After being enrolled in the Equal Chance Program and moving into Babylon Gardens, he and his brothers became friends with Peanut. Though a cub when introduced, as of Wolf's Clothing he passed the wolf's maturity ceremony and is a full grown wolf.

Official Site BiographyEdit



Initially, North Star(Deathaxe at the time) had the same personality as his brothers, but after maturing his energetics has changed from simply raw energy to more sports-like, being interested in hunting and the like. He has shown interest in making comics like Peanut, and of his brothers seems to look up the most to their father.


As a cub North Star resembled his brothers very closely, but was distinguishable by his yellow eyes and being the tallest. After maturing, he gained a simple fur coat of two colors; gray covering most of his body, with a lighter shade of gray on his underside and his face.

General InformationEdit

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Under Construction


  • It is possible he was the first born of the cubs, as he was shown to be the tallest of his brothers(before Deevee hit a growth spurt).
  • His new name as of Wolf's Clothing is a direct reference to the anime Fist of the North Star.

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