Ohmydog I'm so sorry! I forget when I'm excited!
Tag Lightning bolt
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/Great Dane?
Owner(s) Unknown
Friends & Family Fox (former partner), Sabrina, Peanut, Tarot
Affiliation K-9 Unit (member), Keene Milton, Sasha
Location Babylon Gardens, Dimension Prime.

Mungo is a member of the K-9 Unit and Fox's former partner.

General InformationEdit

Mungo is a large, black canine with a lightning bolt tag. He possesses incredible strength, causing him to accidentally destroy property or crush others when he hugs them. He originally was a member of the S.W.A.T. team before he was reassigned as Fox's partner to investigate the attempted assassination of Keene Milton. He is also a registered therapy dog, and has been trained to help others.


Mungo is easily excitable, loyal and generally has a friendly attitude. Despite his immense strength he is compassionate and caring, given his background as a therapy dog. However, he does take his job as an officer seriously, and is obligated to follow the duties of a police officer. This brings him into conflict with Fox during the case, as Fox breaks protocol in order to help Sasha, who was the main suspect.


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  • Mungo has been indirectly confirmed to be a descendant of Satau.
  • Although not tagged originally(now corrected), Mungo appeared for first time in Here Come Da Bride

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