Maternal Instinct
Maternal Instinct
A look into the Wolves' ideas on humans
Comic: "The Eagles Are Coming" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 6
Dates Published January 2nd - January 14th 2015
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Wolf's Clothing

Maternal Instinct is the 86th arc in Housepets!.

This arc marks the first mention of Rex's mother, Mrs. Holloway. Also the last comic in the arc marks Housepets!'s 1,000th comic strip.

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Plot Edit

Lucretia has been volunteered to organize a baby shower for Mrs. Holloway, Rex's mom, along with a member of a housewives group she is part of. She is excited to show what she has learned about humans, and sneak in some "good old fashioned forest wisdom". She then wonders why they don't guard their den, lest their babies get snatched by eagles. Miles says that's what Eagle Scouts are for.

One of the leaders of the group, Mrs. McLuhan, wants a simple, traditional baby shower. Lucretia, however wants it to be special, however her understanding of human maternity appears to be heavily influenced by the soap operas she watches. Later, Rex helps her wrap up some small presents. When he reveals his mom is only having one child, Lucretia thinks she may have overestimated the number of diapers she got. Rex, however, says she didn't.

During the baby shower Lucretia tells all the other women about a fight she had once in the woods as well as special things you can do with bones. After explaining the best way to feed your baby liver she offers everyone lunch, however everyone cringes. Lucretia later is talking with Mrs. Holloway, explaining she wanted to make the baby shower special because in the wild the young aren't expected to live long, so it's an important task to take care of them and the mother. She then offers the motger some bone marrow, however Mrs. Holloway responds with nausea leading Lucretia to think she's going into labor.

Back at their house Lucretia is talking with Miles, telling him that the way the humans reacted makes her doubt herself and think that she's not as good of a mother as she thinks she is. Miles tells her she's not, in fact she is ten times better and kisses her on the forehead. They share a moment when Sanchez comes into the room asking if he and the other cubs can watch TV. Lucretia tells him that her soap-operas are on, so they'll have to fight her for it.


  • Mrs. Holloway, Rex's mother, is pregnant with a child.


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