Marvin Arbelt
What are you doing?
Tag Purple M-insignia
Gender Male
Species/Breed Cat/Ginger
Owner(s) Jerry Arbelt
Friends & Family Tiger and Zach (brothers)
Affiliation N/a
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Marvin Arbelt is a character in Housepets!. He first appeared during Fido's Return spying into the Good Ol' Dogs' Clubhouse with Max.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Tiger’s cat-sibling, who is more patient and understanding with Tiger than the dogs. In fact, most of the cats are more patient and understanding with Tiger, and that doesn’t help things one bit.

General InformationEdit

Marvin is Tiger's brother who commonly is seen hanging around with his brothers at a convenient pet-height table. He also usually shows up to stop Tiger when he gets out of control. He hasn't been given many major roles in story arcs, the most important being when he played the Doctor in Let's Imaginate And Then There Were None!. He appears to keep track of records as shown in Science Diet and Neither Funnel Nor Cake



Marvin comforts his brother whenever he needs it, and keeps him from doing things he'll regret during his anger sprees, such as killing Bino and his family.

After Zach joined the family on Christmas Day Marvin tried making him feel at home, helping him whenever Tiger scared him, however he still didn't quite accept Zach. Their relationship has improved since then as shown in Scaredy Cats.

Max is Marvin's cat friend and partly rival. Whenever they hang out with other cats it's usually each other, and they are known to challenge each other, such as seen in Scaredy Cats, where Max dared Marvin to stay inside the local haunted house for a night. Not much of their relationship has been seen since then, but it's implied that they are still friends.

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