King's fate in the form of a digital stopwatch.

King's Fate, or The Stopwatch is an important Celestial item. It is the manifestation of King's (Joel Robinson) Fate, which Pete tried to steal in Not All Dogs before it fell from Heaven and transformed into a digital stopwatch.

Despite getting into an argument over it with Fox, and almost having it smashed by Bino, Fox eventually gives it to King, where he held onto it until someone from Heaven could come and pick it up.

It was an important item in A Respite In The Country, Bailey rescuing it when it was thrown into a lake helped King realize he was falling in love with her.

In Heaven's Not Enough, Part 1. King realizes his year before Pete forfeits the game is almost up, and prays to summon him. Pete kidnaps Bailey as his avatar and turns King back into Joel. Cerberus finally comes for the watch and invites King to heaven. Bahamut gives him back the watch, in Heaven's Not Enough, Part 2 which allows him to transform between his human and dog form.

In the final showdown with Pete, in Heaven's Not Enough, Part 3, he snatches the watch and threatens to destroy it, but King is unfazed. After Pete and Spirit Dragon lose the Cosmic Game, Great Kitsune offers him a choice between the lantern and the watch, a comfortable life as a human, or life the way it is as a dog. King reaches for the stopwatch, turning into a dog forever, and the watch vanishes.

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