Kevin Beauregard
Uh, isn't this a time for, you know, tackling?
Tag Red Octagon
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/Doberman
Owner(s) N/A (Police officer presumably)
Friends & Family Sasha (girlfriend) Ralph, Fido
Affiliation K-9 Unit,
Bill Lindberg
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Kevin Beauregard, also known as Officer Kevin, is an officer of the K-9 Unit and a friend of Fido's.

Official Site BiographyEdit

A very muscular doberman. He could break you in half with a slight squeeze, so it’s probably not an entirely good thing that ‘attack’ is his initial reflex to most everything. Loves to create ‘Tackle’ variations of various games.

General InformationEdit

Kevin is an officer in the K-9 Unit. He's not known to be particularly intelligent, and he can be rather vain at times, but he's good at what he does best, tackling people into the ground and working out. He is Sasha's current boyfriend.


Sasha Hartford

Sasha is Kevin's girlfriend, who she hooked up with after her breakup with Bino. They get along very well, since neither are very intelligent.

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