Keene Milton
My Father's legacy did not die with him.
Tag Red-bar (Red collar)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Ferret / Chocolate Ferret
Owner(s) Henry Milton(formerly)
Friends & Family Lana, Duke, Simon, Rock and Pit, Karishad
Affiliation The Milton Ferrets, Jeeves, Mr. Steward, The Equal Chance Program(founder), Pete(Minion)
Everyone else
Location Dimension Prime, Milton Estate

Keene Milton is a regular character in Housepets!. He was showed for first time in the comic Meanwhile Back In Babylon but was properly introduced later, in Did I Mention You're My Best Friend?.

Official Site BiographyEdit

The de-facto chief of the bunch. Keene is one of the few that feels guilty about inheriting all that money and not carrying on his owner’s legacy to any significant degree. These pangs of guilt subside when he drowns himself in orange soda.

General informationEdit

Keene is one of the Milton Ferrets who inherited most of their father's wealth. Keene stands as the leader between the ferrets and also the business man but it doesn't stop him on wasting money like the rest. Unlike the others, Keene feels he must use the money left to them to fulfill their 'father's' dream of reaching equality between humans and animals; for this he founded the The Equal Chance Program.

Keene works in different projects to keep an income to their capital, achieing progress in his father's legacy, or both at same time if there is chance. Although Keene appears to be supportive to many characters, most of times he is doing it for his own good or goals, this includes The Equal Chance Program. He often feels guilt over inherting his father's money and carrying on his legacy, and drowns his sorrows in orange soda.


Arguably the most developed of the ferrets, Keene is self-centered, cunning, and ambitious. Keene has also caused problems to others, anything is acceptable if it leads to a successful result for him in his eyes. This lead him to associate with Karishad, who managed to trick him to appear as a zoo animal earning the idea that Karishad's uniqueness could help him, and Pete, who seemingly has a deal with his 'father' to get human and animal equality and so Keene became Pete's minion in order to get a similar deal.

For all these reasons Keene has appear in different arcs with many roles. Whether it's helping the members of The Equal Chance Program, accommodating the wolves, helping with King's and Bailey's wedding, or hosting events for the neighbor pets, he is generally shown as a supporting character. Being the secret-mastermind behind The Great Water Balloon War and plotting with Jata to make Sabrina marry him, he was an antagonist. And he got the spotlight recruiting Karishad to help him with the secrets left by his 'father' and later assembled a party to discover the mysteries of Pete's temple, having his own two arcs as protagonist.

Keene continually fights to preserve his father's legacy by fighting to legally equalize humans and animals. During The 4 Animals You Meet In Heaven, he ends up in heaven after an assassination attempt, meeting four animals including his birth mother and his deceased adoptive father Henry Milton (who is in a ferret form.) Keene tries to explain that all he wanted was to make his dad proud. Keene has an epiphany and realizes it was because he wanted to repay his dad for making his life better, however he returns to Earth and his attempted killer is caught.


The Milton Ferrets
Being pet-siblings they spend quite a lot of time side-by-side, and they seem to care for each other. They work together at times and in general are all good friends. It is not known if they are blood-related.

Jeeves and Mr. Steward
Milton's employees, butler and steward respectively. It is implied in Temple Crashers 2: Temple Crashers that Mr. Steward is secretly working against Keene with an unknown affiliate.

The Equal Chance Program
Being the founder, Keene acts with responsibility and helps the members when needed, and seems to be in good terms with The Wolves Pack and King, but this doesn't necessarily means they are friends, specially King. The male adult of the wolves work for him as Security Service.

Tricked by him once made Keene thinks the fox is more than the eye catchs. Keene sticks to the idea that Karishad would be of help for his cause, and it had proven to be true. Karishad's antics both annoy and frustrate Keene. Although he has remarked he despises him, it has been shown that he has grown to care for him as well.

Pete had an agreement with Henry Milton, though the details are not clear. Because of this, Pete's temple was moved to the forest close to Babylon Gardens, knowing that his 'father' had something up with the temple. Keene later formed a group to explore it, which Sabrina then turned it into an RPG-like party. They overcome many perils inside, and in the end met with Pete. After a little argument and background history, Keene became Pete's minion and received one mana from him. What to do with it or how to use it, is up to Keene to discover.


  • As with the rest of the ferrets, Keene is named after a cartoon show; Captain N, character. This case being Kevin Keene.
    • Besides the name, Keene and Kevin Keene are both leaders of their groups.
  • Keene is one of three main characters to enter heaven, the others being King and Fox.

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