I can cope... I can cope...
Tag J-insignia
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog/Mutt
Owner(s) Jake
Friends & Family Peanut, Squeak (girlfriend), Lester, Fido, Dallas
Affiliation Grape
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Joey is a supporting character in Housepets! He first appeared in You Cannot Win , but was first introduced in Pushing the PG Rating IN YOUR MIND during Cat Tail .

Official Site BiographyEdit

Bino’s younger brother. Was the runt of his litter, and is usually ignored for the most part. But it’s okay, he can cope . . . he can cope . . . He also is friends with some of the weirder neighborhood dogs and loves him some animuhs and D&Ds.

General InformationEdit

Joey is generally the weird kid. He's both a geek and an otaku, enjoying Anime and D&D. He hangs out with lots of other 'weirdos', such his friends Lester and Dallas, whether it's watching anime, going to the movies or doing endless D&D sessions (with him usually as Game Master). Joey is also a talented artist, and sometimes contributes to Peanut's Spot (Superdog) comics (usually in exchange for money or including his own character.)

He currently lives in a doghouse, with his girlfriend, a mouse named Squeak.


Perhaps even more tabooed then a Cat and Dog relationship is a Dog and Mouse one. Squeak is Joey's girlfriend. Like Spo, she often rides on Joey's head, and they usually hang out together in his doghouse, or at the movies (where she often hides in the popcorn.) Like Joey, she is a fan of anime. Joey first met her during a roleplaying session when he was dressed as a cat... Don't ask...
While not much of these two brothers are shown, it is suggested that Joey idolizes his older brother, and Fido tolerates him in return.
Bino commonly makes fun of Joey through numerous ways when not ignoring him, though Joey still seems to hang on.
Lester is one of Joey's creepy friends. Lester is a bit of a otaku, commonly criticizing Joey (and others) for enjoying Japanese entertainment that he considers bad or ruined due to American dubbing.
Dallas is Joey's other creepy friend. Not much is known about their relationship, aside that Joey and Dallas both agree that Lester can be overly pure when it comes to Japanese media.
Peanut is perhaps the only dog besides Fido and his friends who notices him. They get along well, and they are both Cat-Lovers. Peanut was the first dog he revealed his relationship with Squeak to. Joey has occasionally drawn for Peanut in his Spot (Superdog) comics, but the two got into an altercation over their characters (and Joey signing his name on every panel.)


  • After the shift to the 3.0 art-style Joey was redesigned. His green collar was changed to light blue, and he was given blue goggles, possibly a reference to the Shounen Anime genre, and to further distinguish him from Bino, as people had trouble telling them apart previously.
    • He and Tarot are the only characters to have changed their collar completely.
  • Joey is the only character who is seen living in a doghouse.
  • Joey's owner, Jake, has only made one appearance in the comic so far.
  • Joey, like Sasha, did not appear at all in 2015.

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