Mrs. Sandwich
Occupation N/a
Gender Female
Pets Peanut, Grape
Relations Earl Sandwich (husband),
Bill Lindberg (friend)
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Jill Sandwich is the wife of Earl, and owner of Peanut and Grape.

General InformationEdit

Jill moved into Babylon Gardens with her husband because they heard it was a pet friendly neighborhood. Upon arriving they decided that their pet; a young Peanut, needed a sibling, so they went to animal shelter where they adopted their second pet, a cat named Grape.

Jill has appeared numerous times, usually taking Peanut and Grape to places they can't get to on foot, like areas of the city. She has a distinct disgust for The Milton Ferrets, after Simon stumbled into their yard half drunk.


  • Her name is a reference to the video game Resident Evil, where the character Jill Valentine joked to another character after a predicament in the game that zombies had nearly made her into a "Jill sandwich". Earl is particularly amused by the joke, but Jill herself doesn't get it.[1]


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