Jeff 2
Jeff in confusion.
(Ryan in the background)
Occupation N/a
Gender Male
Pets Bino, Max
Relations Jake (brother),
Ryan Byron (friend)
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens
Jeff is a character in Housepets!. He is the owner of Bino and Max. Jake is his brother, and Ryan is their childhood friend. 

Official Site BiographyEdit

Bino and Maxwell’s dad.

General InformationEdit

Jeff has appeared few times. He was first shown; and perhaps best known for, punching Joel Robinson who was working for PETA at the time. He was later shown helping the search for Zach when he ran away. He has been shown to be annoyed by Bino and Max's fights for dominance, as shown in Made To Be Broken. It has been shown that he does not approve of catnip, as he was willing to host a crawfish barbeque to make Max give up his stash of catnip. Jake is his younger brother.

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