Jasper and Jinx



Now you set my soul on fire...

Tag Cobalt Blue J-insigna | None
Gender Male | Unknown
Species/Breed Cat/Russian Blue | Mouse
Owner(s) Unknown
Friends & Family Unknown
Affiliation Grape, Max
Jinx | Jasper
Location Babylon Gardens, Dimension Prime
Jasper and Jinx are minor characters in Housepets!. Jasper first appeared in Housepets Now With More Cats , while Jinx first appeared My Love It Has Three Corner. Since then, they have only been featured in a few strips (three for Jasper and one with Jinx physically present). The two are a parody of the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry, Jasper and Jinx being the original names of the two main characters (in the pilot episode of the show, "Puss Gets the Boot").


Jasper is a indigo and white-furred cat with yellow eyes, wearing a cyan-colored collar (or scarf in his first appearance) with the letter "J" in cobalt blue attached to it. He has patches of white on his feet and hands. He is a pastiche of Tom Cat, who was originally named Jasper. Jinx is a brown mouse with a beige belly, with a darker brown tone on his/her ears. He/she is a pastiche of Jerry Mouse, who was originally named Jinx. 

General Information Edit

Jasper was first seen with Grape and Max at a New Year cat party, where he was described by Max as "the silent one, though when he speaks it's in TV shows quotes that no one remembers". This was later confirmed in his second apparition when he tried to seduce a white cat with the quote "Now you set my soul on fire...", which also marked the apparition of Jinx, who put burning matchstick between his toes. The two seem to engage in fierce rivalry with cartoon physics, with Grape mentioning off slapstick moments happening to Jasper that Tom & Jerry is famous for (Jinx being able to carry garden shears and Jasper trying to crush him/her with a stick, slapping himself and " flattening in an amusing accordion shape" in the process).

Jasper has not appeared since a 22 March 2013 strip, and he and Jinx have virtually disappeared from the comic.

Trivia Edit

  • Jasper's sole line, said in his second appearance, is a a reference to a quote Tom said when looking for his girlfriend Toots in "The Zoot Cat" and "Solid Serenade" episodes. Putting a burning matchstick between the toes of the romantic cat (in the same strip) is also one of Jerry's regular antics.

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