Jack of One Trade
Cleaning Up
It's a natural reflex, I swear.
Comic: "Cleaning Up" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 8
Dates Published March 25th - April 12th 2013
Featured Character(s)
"Four Finger Discount" Jack
Previous Arc
Love And War
Following Arc
The King And I

Jack of One Trade is the 68th arc in Housepets!.

Characters Edit


"Four Finger Discount" Jack is fined $700 for using the yard of the Wolf House as his personal storage area. Jack complains to Miles that the lawyer should take care of it, but Miles' tells him that it's his responsibility. As Poncho moves the junk to the garage, Miles confronts Jack on the fact that most of it is stolen. Jack feigns ignorance, but ends up stealing Miles' glasses off his face on a reflex.

As Jack sets up a sale, his mate, Elaine, refuses to help him, on the account that Snow is about to have her cubs and needs a midwife (and not wanting them to turn out like Miles' cubs.)

A customer soon comes by from Craigslist looking for a flatscreen TV, so Jack tells him to fill out a request form. The customer questions why a junk sale needs a request list, and Jack asks if he's a narc.

Later Peanut picks up an NES from the sale, accidentally making phrases related to Jack's missing arm. Jack continues to glare at him with Peanut grinning sheepishly, until Jack reveals he was messing with Peanut and offers him a chance to touch his stub.

Itsuki comes by asking if Jack has a dual inlet dual outlet muffler and a bumper for a 1999 Silverado 1500. Itsuki is surprised when Jack produces both, noticing that the muffler is just like the one his customer lost, and that it was even sawed off at the same angle...

Sergeant Ralph comes by telling Jack he received information about a 'one-armed bandit.' Jack, in a panic, quickly closes the shop. Not putting the two and two together, Ralph and Kevin leave.

Over lemonade, Jack and Poncho discuss the way humans are all about things, yet penalize them for having things. They both agree that you can count on wolves for fairness, before Jack gulps down most of the lemonade (despite the fact Poncho was doing most of the work.)

The next day, Jack brings the money to the council, along with Mr. London to ensure he isn't being swindled. The clerk notes that he gave him seven thousand dollars, and Mr. London states that math is hard.


  • Cousin Rodney and Snow's cubs are born during this arc, although this is not featured on-panel.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack sells Peanut a Nintendo Entertainment System.

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