Crazy Old Man Who Only Speaks In Limericks
Occupation Hermit
Gender Male
Pets N/a
Relations None
Location Dimension Prime, Woods outside Babylon Gardens

The Hermit (labeled as The Crazy Old Man Who Only Speaks In Limericks) is a minor recurring character in Housepets!. He first appeared in Everyone’s New Favorite, but was mentioned one year earlier in And She Said It Had No Practical Value. His real name is unknown.

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General InformationEdit

This old man lives in a shack in the woods of Brigham County. He makes occasional appearances in order to impart helpful, but cryptic, directions in the form of a limerick to anyone who knocks on his door. His madness appears to impart some kind of oracular wisdom to his poems. So far, he has given advice to Grape, Ralph and Jessica.


  • In all of the Hermit's appearances the comic title as been a variation of "Everyone's _____ Favorite."

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