Herman Steward



I can't apologize enough sir.

Tag N/a
Gender Male
Species/Breed Human/Badger
Owner(s) None
Friends & Family Jeeves
Affiliation Thomas Milton, Karishad
The Milton Ferrets, Keene
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Herman Steward was the executor of the Milton Estate. He debuted in The Spirit of Competition.

Original Site BiographyEdit

While he can’t exactly keep the ferrets from doing stupid things with their money, he can at least make sure they don’t drive themselves into poverty, or sell all of their business ventures in order to purchase an iceberg from a shady entrepreneur.


Herman Steward was originally a human with dark skin and wore glasses. He has since been turned into a badger, yet retains his glasses.


Diligent, efficient, and highly professional, Steward's patience with the ferret's high-jinks has limits. In one episode, after Karishad tricks Keene Milton in getting himself locked in a zoo cage, Mr. Steward lets his boss spend a couple overnights there. When he finally gets out, Keene lets his asset manager see his displeasure. He also attempts to keep Keene from spending money to further his goals for animal equality, under the guise of keeping him from going bankrupt. However, it turns out that he had been secretly plotting with Thomas Milton to steal their fortune. However, his plans ultimately fell through as Keene managed to catch his actions over security camera and fired him, replacing him with Lana Milton.

An angered Thomas, who had been turned into a camel, spits one of the cursed temple coins into Steward's hands, instantly transforming him into a badger. He later moves into Jessica's den (while trying to avoid Karishad's recognition.)

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