Henry Milton



Keene, my boy!

Tag None (as a ferret wears glasses)
Gender Male
Species/Breed Human,

Ferret (altered appearance in heaven)

Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Keene's Mother
Affiliation N/a
Location Celestial Plains,
Dimension Prime

Henry Milton was a formerly un-seen character in Housepets!. He is the deceased father/owner of The Milton Ferrets, whom he left his entire fortune to, and uncle to Thomas and Celia Milton. A multi-billionaire, he was the founder of Babylon Gardens, and strived to equalize relationships between humans and animals; work that his heir Keene Milton has followed (and occasionally expresses guilt over.)

Mr. Milton finally makes his first appearance in The 4 Animals You Meet In Heaven as a ferret, having altered his appearance in heaven. He reunites with his adopted son, Keene, and helps realize the mistakes he made in trying to fulfill his father's dreams.

Official Site BiographyEdit



  • He is one of few characters to have died off-screen, the other being Rufus.

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