I won't bite! It's okay if you wanna sniff first.
Tag Dog-Tags/Yellow Bandanna
Gender Male
Species/Breed Dog / Alaskan Husky (Purebred)
Owner(s) Bill Lindberg
Friends & Family King (best friend),
Bailey (cousin, pet-sister),
Fido, Rex,
Sasha, Bino (former), Mungo (former partner)
Affiliation Good Ol' Dogs Club (former Council Member), K-9 Unit (member)
Raccoons, Bino
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Fox is a supporting character in Housepets!, introduced in the story arc The Game  in the strip You Cannot Win.
Originally a minor character, he became a regular supporting character after befriending King. Since then he fills this role in most King-focused arcs.

Official Site BiographyEdit

"Fox: Wears dogtags. He’s the smart one, which means he’s almost as smart as a cat. But I kid! He’s friends with Bino mostly to the extent that he still has some lingering issues of his own, including his personal aggravation with cat-lovers. He will go along with Bino and back him up because he’s his friend, though his heart is not often in it. He became fast friends with King after he moved into the neighborhood."

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fox is a pure-bred Alaskan Husky. He has gray fur with light-gray fur on his belly, inner-ears, muzzle and the underside of his legs and tail. He wears a simple brown collar, as well as a separate necklace with two dog tags. The collar is usually covered by his characteristic yellow bandana. Interestingly though, Fox originally wore a yellow collar without the bandana.

Occasionally he is seen wearing a brown bomber jacket in cold weather. Since joining the K-9 Unit, he is mainly seen wearing a police vest and has gained a more muscular appearance due to training.


Fox's most defining trait is his unwavering loyalty to his friends. Originally head-strong and dominate as a puppy, he became more mellow as he got older and became a member of Bino's posse. He also used to share Bino's cat-lovers bias, which slowly began to unravel after learning about Fido and Sabrina's relationship. He chose to abstain from voting Fido, one of his best friends, out of Good Ol’ Dogs Club's council because of this. Though Fox is smart and often doesn't agree with many of Bino's plans, he would follow him anyways because of his long-standing friendship with him. While he was originally a minor background character, he began to stand out on his own after he met King, a new dog with whom he instantly became friends with, unbeknownst to him that he was one of the men who had kidnapped him. Fox eventually figured this out, and after letting out all of his hatred on him, he forgave him. Afterwards, he regularly began to defend King from Bino's antics, going as so far as to physically injure him when Bino goes to far. Fox eventually broke off his friendship with Bino after the events of Love And War.

Ever since the events of Jungle Fever, Fox has struggled with coping with the anger he felt at Fido and Sabrina for hiding their relationship from him. His former partner Mungo has offered to help him off-duty with his issues.

General InformationEdit

Fox is an Alaskan Husky, living at Babylon Gardens as Bill's pet. He likes to spend time reading books and is warm-hearted and calm most of times, but gets easily angry at Bino whenever he bothers King. He is a council member of the Good Ol' Dogs Club and friend with all the other members, especially Bino and Fido, his 'Dad,' Bill Lindberg, being a cop he is friends with the K-9 Unit too (and later became an official member), he is also Bailey's relative and King's best friend; and after the failure of Bino's plan to recover Sasha following their break-up, Fox started to develop feelings for the latter, but didn't confess them when Sasha started to date Kevin.

As a youth he was already a friend of Fido and Bino and showed a clearly anti-feline attitude, but was dognapped along with Max and thanks to a young Grape's help they were saved. After this, he apparently softened about cats, but kept his cat-lovers bias for the most part.

Later on, he was dognapped a second time by two PETA members but was saved by his 'Dad' and the K-9 Unit. This left him hatred toward his captors, but after learning King was originally one of them and let his hatred out on him, he forgave him.

Because of King, Fox currently knows about The Game but is not directly involved. He accompanied King to Heaven in Heaven's Not Enough, Part 2, where he caught the attention of two females, one pink and one green. He also gained two buttons on his bandana. After their return, he flew with King to Australia to get Bailey back.

After the events of The Game, Fox joined the K-9 Unit, and has been in training in the time since he returned home from Australia. After graduating from the academy, Fox was given a partner named Mungo to investigate the assassination attempt on Keene Milton. Fox discovers that Sasha is a suspect and disobeys orders to help her, leading to a two week suspension and retraining, and gets a new partner.



Fox became a fast friend of King after meeting him despite odd behavior, Fox has tried to introduce King to other pets in the neighborhood on many occasions in order to help him develop more relationships. They became best friends with time, hanging out together, and spending time with one another. Fox even started to side with him over Bino, even hurting him whenever Bino antagonized King. Eventually King married Fox's cousin Bailey and the two became relatives. However, King had a dark secret; he was one of the two humans who had attempted to kidnap him, leading to Fox's deep hatred of "Joel Robinson." After learning the truth, Fox briefly let his feelings overtake him but quickly came to forgive him. To this day their friendship remains strong.


A friend of Fox since their puppy days. They appeared to be very close, as shown when Fox was dognapped in A Sinister Shadow. However after the revelation of Fido and Sabrina's, their relationship was shaken, as it put Fox's "cat-lover" bias into question. However Fox abstained from voting him out of the Good 'Ol Dogs Club. In I Need A Vacation Fox told King that he wanted to mend things with Fido by joining the K-9 Unit, which he did eventually, though he still struggles to cope with his anger and sense of betrayal. Recently, Fox has clearly mellowed somewhat. Trying to protect Sasha from arrest for the attempted murder of Keene Milton, Fox rushes into the house of Tarot the psychic Pomeranian with his herculean partner, Mungo, in hot pursuit. Tarot directs Peanut and Sabrina - who is Tarot's apprentice in magic - to bar the door while she tries to unlock Sasha's befogged mind. Instead, Sabrina teases Fox about his previous slightly to her and her love for Fido, asking if it's fine now for her and Fido to do "smooches" because he desperately need her help. Confused, panicked, and ashamed, Fox confesses his own inability to sort out his feelings about his life. In response to this a balance of self-disclosure, the cat just suggests he could say he's sorry. Fox, emotionally spent and a bit disarmed at the simple request, gently and sincerely says "I'm sorry." Sabrina replies apology accepted, strokes her tail seductively across Fox's face, and causes the Husky to blush at this unexpected, tantalizing gesture of affection. With no further word, the cat then dashes off to help Peanut hold the door against Officer Mungo while Fox absorbs the sensation of being truly and simply ... forgiven. Thus, while yet to occur, reconciliation between Fox and Fido seems inevitable.


A friend of Fox since they were puppies. When they were younger Fox was the more dominating of them, but as the grew older Fox became quieter and Bino took over, becoming a member of his posse. Even when he does not agree with Bino's plans he still goes along with most of them due to his loyal nature, although Fox usually has something to say to him after his machinations fail. However, once Fox met King, he started to hang out with him over Bino, and even physically harmed him several times after Bino hurt King. Though Fox was always usually hesitant to side with Bino, as the comic progressed, he began to openly disagree with him. After the events of Love And War Fox realized what a bad friend Bino was and the two stopped being friends, causing him to quit the Good Ol' Dogs Club and join the K-9 Unit. In Wolf's Clothing he personally arrested Bino after he tried to steal a baby's pacifier. Later on, he wrests Bino's control of the podium at the Good Old Dog's Club, rescuing the grateful audience from Bino's self-glorifying rant in order to get the group to help him find the missing Sasha. Fox and Mungo then compound Bino's humiliation by forcing him to take them to the little doghouse King built for her, a galling demi red of the consideration he never showed to the much abused Sasha when she was supposedly his girl.


Originally Fox's cousin who used to live in Kansas, which Fox visited at times. They now live together because Chuck's (Bailey's previous owner) new place did not allow dogs. Since she calls Bill 'Daddy' now, she can be considered Fox's sister at the time. Even being cousins and later siblings they do not interact too much on their own, although Bailey convinced Fox to confess his feelings for Sasha in Love And War. Fox knew about Bailey being Pete's avatar in The Game, and went with King not only to Australia but also to Heaven to bring her back.


Sasha was Bino's girlfriend for quite a time. After she broke up with Bino, Fox worked as part of Bino's plan to make all the other dogs seem worst than him, but he didn't stick to it once Sasha's feelings got hurt. After that they had a date-like night to make her feel better when he began to develop feelings for her. Later after comparing Sasha situation with Bino's friendship, Fox decided to confess his newest feelings to her although he could not after learning Sasha began to date Kevin, leaving him heartbroken. While in Heaven it was shown that Fox wishes to be muscular, possibly implying that he wants to be on par with Kevin. During the investigation against Keene, after learning she was a mains suspect, Fox did everything in his power to try to protect her despite her confession, even going so far as breaking protocol and turning against his partner to try and find out what was going on. Fox did eventually learn that she was being brainwashed, but as he had disobeyed orders, he is temporarily suspended and retrained as an officer. Even though the whole K-9 crew regards Sasha as "Kevin's Girl", the ditzy shepherd with her heart dog-tag continues to stir Fox's love and protection, even at risk of his police dog career.


  • Fox's surnamed "Lindberg" and his popular bomber jacket, may be a reference to famous airplane pilot Charles Lindbergh.
  • He claims in Fox Can't Let You Do That that his father gives him a big allowance.
    • This is possibly also shown in Housepets Babies! where he had a leather jacket and bo-staff.
    • Though in Nobody Gets Too Much he states that he can't afford international phone coverage.
  • Fox is one of the few main characters not in a relationship.
    • However he did manage to attract two female Denizens from Heaven, but did not remember them after he returned (and he didn't pick up when they called him) though they later give him a card stating they would be visiting soon.

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