Opener Of Eggs
Zach is thrilled to be a part of the egg hunt.
Comic: "Opener Of Eggs" (click for full size)
Number of Comics 4
Dates Published April 6th - April 13th 2015
Featured Character(s)
Zach, Falstaff, Truck
Previous Arc
Wolf's Clothing

Ea(s)ter is the 88th arc in Housepets!.



At the mall, an announcer over the intercom reminds customers that the mall will be holding an egg hunt for the children (and not to destroy stores looking for eggs.) The announcer explains that there will be a grand prize for the person who finds the "golden egg" and that all other eggs can be handed to the "friendly Easter bunny" in exchange for candy. Zach, the aforementioned Easter bunny, is seen at his booth, telling a mother and child the egg they handed in is yellow and not gold. In the mall plants, Truck and Falstaff are spying on Zach. Truck is amazed that even humans get "blessed" by the Opener, while Falstaff, who is cutting red construction paper, believes him to be a humble prophet for offering absolvancy to "brutes."

Zach finds the two raccoons, who he remembers by name, thinly disguised as house-cats by wearing construction paper collars. Truck tries to hand in the empty discarded eggs in exchange for edibles, but Zach sees right through it. Zach asks why they need this scheme when the mall has a food court, as well as the fact they have low standards. Falstaff tells Zach not to patronize him, mistaking "court" as a "quart" of food, while Zach buries his face in frustration.

While eating out of trash, Truck asks Falstaff what Zach meant by them having "low standards." Falstaff replies it means he wants them to be sneaky, explaining a "standard" is a banner that an army raises high to show where they are, so since they have low standards, they have to go about all hidden-like. Falstaff tells Truck that's what the eggs are for, it's a test, to prove that have the lowest "standards" ferals can have. Truck holds up the golden egg, which he had found, intending to hide it so they can "find it correctly."

Falstaff hands in the golden egg to Zach. Having been sitting for four hours and not wanting to bother anymore, Zach hands the two the grand prize, a chocolate rabbit. The critters think it's an effigy of the Opener, and after Truck takes a bite, Falstaff continues to believe Zach is secretly testing them. Irritated, Zach offers to buy the two lunch if they leave him alone.


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  • Rick has stated that the mall is the same one Peanut and Grape visited in The Mall, despite the fact it looks different.

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