Hi I'm Daisy!
Tag Daisy(flower)
Gender Female
Species/Breed Dog/(possibly Labrador mix)
Owner(s) unknown if any
Friends & Family Sasha Hartford(presumably)
Affiliation unknown if any
unknown if any
Location Dimension Prime, Babylon Gardens

Daisy is a side character in Housepets!. She was introduced in Shut Up We’re Trying To Praise You. Her catch phrase (Hi I'm Daisy!) is the only thing she has ever uttered in the entire comic, although she has used the phrase "Happy New Year!" in a Valentine's Day special. She is typically seen with an expression of disturbingly gleeful exuberance. Daisy makes a return in Give me Your Answer Do when she is asked about the whereabouts of Sasha.

Official Site BiographyEdit

Amazingly enough, she’s even less intelligent than Sasha.

General InformationEdit

Under Construction




  • Her name and catch phrase are a reference to Princess Daisy from Mario Kart.

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