Custom Ink
Happy Openermass!
Tag None
Gender Female
Species/Breed Raccoon
Owner(s) None
Friends & Family Jessica,


Affiliation Woodland Critters
Location Dimension Prime, Woods outside Babylon Gardens

Custom Ink is a young Raccoon mother who is a friend of Jessica. She first was introduced in Oops I Arced and was re-introduced in Yes, Jessica, There Is An Opener Of Ways.

General InformationEdit

She first appeared in Oops I Arced when she tried sneaking into the Arbelt's house for food. Zach caught her, but offered to give her some trash if she would show him the forest. She introduced him to all the woodland critters, and then brought him to Pete's Temple. She was among the first to proclaim him the "Opener of Ways". She was later seen guarding the temple when Peanut and Grape came looking for Zach. After a couple years, she was retconned into her current appearance


She has an optimistic personality, which she keeps at all times even when worried, and enthusiastically believes in "Opener of Ways" and miracles, like most of the forest's animals.


Under Construction


  • Rick Griffin revealed that the Ink was in fact the raccoon from Oops I Arced when he looked back on the comic [No Appreciation] on the Official Housepets! Facebook page on September 17, 2015.

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