Criminals are recurring enemies in Peanut's Spot (Superdog) comics, and a few times in Dimension Prime.


The first criminal to appear in the comics. He was a "not smart" Dalmation who tried robbing a bank, but was stopped by Spot.

Nefarious VillainEdit


And then we shoot him!

A recurring brown dog who is commonly seen wearing a dress. Debuting when he put together a team of all the crime lords, he disguised himself as an "orphan" and has stayed that way ever since. He first appeared in The Further Adventures of Spot.

The CyborgEdit


The Cyborg!

Appeared in disguise along with "Nefarious Villain", he revealed himself to be none other than The Cyborg, Spot (Superdog)'s arch-nemesis. He first appeared in The Further Adventures of Spot.

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