Sir in my old job...I never got to work with children.

Tag Spiked Collar
Gender Female
Species/Breed Celestial/Cerberus
Owner(s) None
Friends & Family Great Kitsune, King
Affiliation Bahamut, Spirit Dragon
Pete (ex-boyfriend)
Location Celestial Plains, Dimension Prime

Cerberus, or just "Cerb", is a character in Housepets! She first appeared in Three Good Reasons.

Official Site BiographyEdit


General InformationEdit

Ceberus is a member of the Celestials, she's the guardian of the heavenly gates as well as its messenger. She has three different heads, who each think independently. In her first appearance, she angrily attacked Pete, who was trying to steal King's Fate, after reminding him they dated in the past for a million and one years.

Though not involved with The Cosmic Game, she helps King out in Heaven's Not Enough, Part 1, first by picking up his watch, (after doing him a favor by waiting several years.) Then she escorts him and Fox to heaven in order to talk with Bahamut. During King's stay in heaven she constantly tires to cheer him up, and get him to relax, but King is unable to enjoy himself while Bailey is in danger. It is in this episode, her compassionate side is on full display as she holds and comforts King.

She is present when the game comes to its end in Heaven's Not Enough, Part 3, where Great Kitsune asks her to escort Pete and Spirit Dragon away so they can be reincarnated into mortals after they both lose. Later, she forces Rock into helping everyone get home by threatening an IRS audit on him.

Ceberus has a soft spot though, when Bahamut asked her why she takes on the task of being the messenger for the deceased, she explained she never go to work with children in her old job. She escorted a recently drowned puppy to heaven after giving him a cookie.

In The 4 Animals You Meet In Heaven Cerberus was promoted to supervisor in ferrying the dead.


  • Each of Cerberus' heads uses a different shade of blue in their speech bubbles when she talks.

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