Yes, but that's what makes the universe so interesting.

Tag N/a
Gender Male
Species/Breed Omnipresent Celestial
Owner(s) N/a
Friends & Family Denizens of Heaven
Affiliation Cerberus
Pete the Griffon,
Spirit Dragon
Location Heaven

Bahamut is a minor, yet important character in Housepets!. He first appeared in Here Come Da Judge. He is the head of the Celestials.

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General Information Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Bahamut is possibly the highest Celestial Being, as seen by how his abilities surpass others seen, and how he is omniscient.
    • This is also shown by his ability to change form. Other Celestial Beings are shown to do it, but they are not quite as drastic as Bahamut's.
  • Bahamut's "Space Whale" form is a reference to Bahamut, the World Fish from Arabic mythology. Appearance wise it is also a reference to the Wind Fish from Zelda franchise.

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